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HaMakom at Smicha
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Our New Location
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
107 W. Barcelona
Santa Fe 






Welcome to HaMakom

HaMakom Means “The Place”

It is one of God’s names.

We are a community of lovingkindness guided by Jewish principles. We are not exactly a synagogue nor a chavurah. We are a community that wants to draw near to God through prayer, i.e. developing a relationship to the numinous; learning that helps us to discern between ego and God; and tikkun olam, the way to turn compassion into action.

Our services are a renewal of traditional practices that weave prayer, learning, singing, and conversation to create religious experience.

HaMakom is welcoming to all.  We welcome you to attend our Shabbat services, holiday celebrations, lectures, and other activities. Consider a membership in our spirited community.

Join us to reclaim your spiritual center every Saturday at 9:45 AM.  Torah service begins around 11:00 AM.  We discuss the Torah parsha around 11:45 AM. Our Oneg is a community potluck served around 12:30 following Kiddush. Please bring a kosher/vegetarian dish to share with 4 -5 people.

Rabbi Malka Drucker and Rick Light Present
A HaMakom Salon Series
Thursday, March 3 from 6:45-8:45 PM
$20/ salon session
HaMakom Members: $18/session
Facing aging, dying, and accelerating losses isn’t for sissies. It’s not elective, either. Women gathered
a generation ago to birth a movement that changed the place of women in society.  It is now our time: we who have lived long enough and know the preciousness of life. Let’s come together and explore how to embrace our wisdom, live without fear, and be a blessing to the world. We’ll meet monthly from 6:45-8:45 PM, the first Thursday of each month at UUC.  We plan to screen films, discuss books, and tell the truth to one another, as we share the enjoyment of being with others on this journey.

Listen to a radio interview with Rabbi Malka Drucker. She speaks of her second career as rabbi after being a writer, and of her Sageing work:  



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