Tuesday, May 11 at 7 PM On Zoom

Nourishment from a Bowl of Aleph Bet Soup: Stories and Teachings from the Hebrew Letters

Next up in HaMakom's Continuing Education Series, Rabbi Jack Schlachter presents. The Hebrew aleph bet offers rich opportunities for exploring Judaism. In this talk, Rabbi Jack  will examine the history of the aleph bet and its use as a structural device in the Jewish Bible and siddur. There will be a summary of various aleph bet tools used in Torah commentary including gematria, notarikon, and other techniques known as remez which hint at additional meanings beyond the literal. Examples of each will be studied. Finally, a synopsis of four separate “Aleph Betmidrashim (expansions on the Bible) will be provided, and short passages from each will be shared.

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Welcome to HaMakom, a Jewish community that nourishes heart, mind, and spirit, fostering belonging through deep and joyful Jewish practice.


We honor both tradition and renewal; heart-opening music; learning in community; and tikkun olam, compassion in action. HaMakom values and practices inclusion and diversity; members from every generation, walk of life, and level of observance feel at home here.

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HaMakom means “The Place.”

It is one of God’s names. Like the tent of Abraham, our door is open. Please experience our Shabbat services, holiday celebrations, continuing education programs, and other activities, and when you’re ready, consider a membership in our spirited community.

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Shabbat Services Now On Zoom to Protect Community Health

All in-person events are cancelled until we are notified it is safe to gather again.


We will continue to assess the situation as the days go by and respond from a place of precaution, protection and patience.


Please follow guidelines for good health and community safeguarding.


Wishing all restful and sweet Shabbats at home. May all who are sick be healed. May all who are well stay well. And may we hold this time in awe and in love, as a community, hardwired for healing, compassion, and care.

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Shabbat Morning Service
Saturday, at 9:45 AM
On Zoom

— Arlene Goldbard

When I moved to New Mexico three years ago, HaMakom opened its doors wide, inviting me into spiritual community. I love the warmth, diversity, and human scale of this congregation. My heart lifts every time I enter the sanctuary for Shabbat services and see welcoming smiles on so many faces. Please join us and see for yourself!


Shabbat in HaMakom's new sukkah, October 2019

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