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A Tradition of Generosity

In Hebrew, the word for charity is tzedakah. It has a double meaning: it means charity in the sense of generosity offered in response to need, and it also carries the meaning of righteousness or justice. When we give tzedakah, we help to heal the world with acts of loving-kindness, benefiting both the giver and recipient.

Your generosity strengthens our congregation and allows us to better serve you and the Jewish community. Donations are often given to mark special occasions: the Yahrzeit of a loved one; to honor a community member at a moment of celebration or mourning; to support a particular event or offering by community members. Tzedakah connects the personal and communal: for example, giving in honor of the souls of our loved ones benefits the community through tangible acts of goodness and loving-kindness.

HaMakom needs your help to continue serving the Jewish community of Santa Fe. Memberships cover just part of HaMakom’s operating costs. There are several ways to contribute to HaMakom: 


Become a sponsor and make an earmarked gift that helps HaMakom serve the community! Sponsor a month of Shabbat lunchtime kiddushes: $100 covers the modest costs of set-up and clean-up. Cosponsor the annual community Passover Seder, contributing funds that make it possible for those with limited income to attend. Underwrite part of the cost of a special event dear to your heart. Scroll down to donate online or by check, and either way, please accept the gratitude of the entire community!

Annual Appeal

Beginning with the High Holidays, you have an opportunity to satisfy a mitzvah by supporting the work of the community. Pick up an envelope at services or make a donation online. 


Support a Fund 

You can contribute to specific funds at HaMakom. Click the donate online button below to choose among the General Fund, Yizkor/In Memory Fund, In Honor, High Holiday Fund, Arts and Education, or Cantorial Fund. 

Yizkor/In Memory

Each year during High Holidays, HaMakom creates a Yizkor booklet that is made available to the community attending High Holiday services. To have your loved ones’ names included in the booklet, visit the Yizkor/In Memory donation page. All through the year, please make a donation to honor the Yahrtzeits of your loved ones and let us know when to say Kaddish in their honor. 

Donate to HaMakom Today

HaMakom needs and appreciates your support year-round. To donate online, please click below and select the appropriate fund. To donate by check, please make your check payable to HaMakom and note the fund allocation on the memo portion of your check.

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